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Vision, Mission and Goals

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O’pen Bic for young people who want to have fun approaching the adventure of sailing, in touch with nature, and embracing healthy, moral and ethical principles.


  • Develop the Class through the formation of National Class Associations
  • Organize O’pen Bic races and events within WS regulations and with high standards of professionalism, safety and quality
  • Implement format of races and training able to develop future generations of sailors
  • Develop a suitable program of communication

4 Goals

  1. Create and develop a networking system that includes: OBCA – NCA – Clubs – Bic Sport Distributors – Race Officials – O’pen Bic “friends” using the new technologies and the new web portal
  2. Support the development of NCA’s round the word: 20 Nations, 2.500 active sailors on 2022.
  3. Fixed “High Qualities Class Standards”: event organization, class rules, event rules including on the water umpiring, standards for sailing schools
  4. Create the basis for a long term relationship for a supporting financial sponsor partner supported by an appropriate class strategy communication
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