Admission procedures 2024

Requirements to be member of the OSCA (and maintain the status of recognized NCA by OSCN):

1. Being ‘not for profit’ association, formally constituted in compliance with law of the country of origin.

2. The name of the association shall be the “Name of the Country” National O’pen Skiff Class Association’ and “Name of the Country” NCA, or equivelant in local language, or the name in both English and local language

(example: German National O’pen Skiff Class Association and German NCA)

Having as its mission:

• To administer the National O’pen Skiff Class Association (NCA) in accordance with WS and National Sailing Federation requirements and to maintain the class rules.

• To promote and develop the NCA in the Country according to OSCA requirements

• To support and defend the interests of NCA sailors in the country

• To promote a high standard of sailing and racing, whilst upholding fair and sportsmanlike conduct both on and off the water

• To keep the “fun” in sailing and retain the unique philosophy of the OSCA

3. Having at least 10 competitor members and 2 club members active in the country

4. Establishing an Executive Committee with at least 3 members

5. Having paid the annual subscription fee

6. Having submitted the request to the Secretary of the Class

7. Having a web site with the list of members publish (name, family Name, year of birth, country, club, number of member) linked to the Open Skiff class web site. (OSCA may support if neccesary)

NCA Fees 2024

The altered system for 2024 is designed to make the subscription process more equitable for all National Class Associations (NCAs). Below are the details of the revised fee structure:

NCA Fees 2024:

BASIC Fixed NCA Fee: 200€ (reduced from 300 €)

Additional Variable NCA Fee: 2 Euro per sailor, based on the number of active sailors in your association as of December 31, 2023.

Maximum fee per sailor: Capped at 250 sailors

Calculation Example:

Country with 40 sailors: 200 + (40 * 2) = 280 Euro

Country with 70 sailors: 200 + (70 * 2) = 340 Euro

Country with 200 sailors: 200 + (200 * 2) = 600 Euro

Country with 300 sailors: 200 + (250 * 2) = 700 Euro (maximum fee)


Bank details:

OWNER: Open Skiff Class Association
IBAN: CH7909000000160451759
BANK: PostFinance AG, 3030 Bern
COUNTRY: Switzerland (CH)