The 2024 Open Skiff Eurochallenge Tour has taken young sailing talents across Europe, with three thrilling events held in Arco, Italy; Sopot, Poland; and Balatonmáriafürdő, Hungary. As the tour progresses, the rankings in the U12, U15, and U17 categories are beginning to crystallize, showcasing the exceptional skills of the leading sailors.

In the U12 category, Italy’s Samuele Piantoni has emerged as the frontrunner, demonstrating remarkable consistency and talent throughout the stages. The U15 category is led by Ukraine’s Sviatoslav Yasnolobov, whose strategic prowess has kept him ahead of his peers. Poland’s Hubert Staroń tops the U17 category, showing a blend of experience and tactical intelligence that has placed him at the forefront.

As the sailors prepare for the final event of the Eurochallenge, set to take place in October / November at a venue yet to be announced, the anticipation builds. The concluding stage promises to be a decisive and thrilling climax to this year’s tour, where the overall champions in each category will be crowned. Stay tuned for more updates and the final showdown in this amazing youth sailing competition.

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