Due to a scheduled social event hosted by the city of Luebeck on a 4-masted squarerigger “Passat” for all participants of the European Championships the General Assembly shall be postponed to the 26th of July (one day later).

The General Assembly, Ordinary and Extraordinary, of the International O’pen Bic Class Association will take place on the 25th 26 of July 2019 during the European Championships in Travemünde, Germany.

Received Class Rule changes shall be sent to the Technical Committee for their consideration. Received event bids shall be sent to the Executive Committee.

The exact time and location will be published on the championship Official Notice Board; with a start time depending upon the end of racing for that day.

The final Agenda of the GA will be publish by the 25th of June 2019 and it will include proposals from the Executive Committee and Members.

The GA is open to observers, only Full Member (according 4.1 of Constitution ACT) who has paid his annual subscription fee before the 1st of July 2019 can vote at GA.