The days pass, each one like the one before here at the Lake at Carcans Maubuisson, with magnificent sun and wind conditions ! As it did on the first day, the thermal started blowing just after lunchtime just as the race fleets went out on the water, rising to 15 knots out in the middle of the lake. The result has been 4 rounds of racing for all 3 categories both days. In fact the lake presents a few technical difficulties for the racers, with some long, strong wind flurries alternating with short periods of flat calm, and some unexpected wind-shifts keeping all the skippers guessing at times. The tactical game all the racers have had to play has enabled the true pretenders to the podium positions to start taking their places at the top of the provisional rankings. After the first two days of competition, day 3 is the day to split the biggest fleet, the Under 15s, (153 racers !) in two, with a Gold fleet and Silver fleet for the rest of the Championships. It’s all very friendly on the lake shore, with the various teams swapping their impressions of this event and the stories of all their other sailing adventures. The Under 12s have made a big impression on everyone, firstly with their skill level, but also the big smiles on all their faces that show how much they’re enjoying sailing with the specially designed new smaller sail.
The Frenchies are in a strong position, with Charles Ganivet from Créteil and Clara Zunquin from Royan occupying the first two places, followed by the Italian girl Irene Cozzolino. Given the distance they’ve already put between themselves and the rest of the field, these three are looking good for the podium positions at the end of the week.
In the « Queen » category of the Under 15s, it’s the Polish team that is causing an early upset, dethroning the French and Italian teams who have come to regard this category as their personal property. The Polish team, that gets bigger with every passing season, has two racers leading the rankings in the shape of Piotr Trella and Julianna Ponto. Just a point behind them comes the leading Frenchie, Thimothe Lesniak from Cazaux Lac.
Meanwhile, in the big kids playground, the Under 17s, Italy’s Guillo Siracusa has taken an early command of the situation, but his lead is a slender one, ahead of Poland’s Piotr Kutzniarski chasing hard just a few points behind. Two more Frenchies are on their tails, with Timothe Brisson currently occupying 3rd place.

The forecast is mostly good for the next few days. There will be another 3 rounds of racing today, starting at 2pm.
Stay posted !
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