The title sums it all up in the shortest of possible ways. Arco and lake Garda delivered again as the Open Bic sailors concluded the regatta in one of the most picturesque sceneries there are.
Luigi Bertini, who has been with the class from the beginning, was happy to see how it has grown in the past couple of years.
The main difference between the class 10 years ago and today is in how it has developed on the technical side. The general level is growing, but despite the fact that we are a bit more serious about rules the feeling and the friendship the class has not changed. It is a special moment when we can meet at the event and everything is solved in a family atmosphere. We still have work to do, so the class can grow. It would be great if we could introduce Open Bic to new countries. The Open Bic concept is great to start sailing, two sails can facilitate a wide range of sailors.
As for regattas, we use on-water umpiring, which is fantastic for the kids – when they finish the race they know who won and who is behind. For the media it is even better – we can send the final results just one minute after the last finisher. The club doesn’t have to postpone prize giving ceremony. All this also helps the atmosphere ashore.
But don’t let the beautiful scenery and great atmosphere fool you – the fight for the top positions was fierce.